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Web based SMS Gatewaypowerful advertisement tool

SMS Gateway is software utility that enables you to easily send and receive text "Short Messages" over GSM cellular cell phone networks from your Personal Computer or through the network.

SMS Gateway is now days is very powerful advertisement tools for small to corporate industry, here we offer both Simple and Two Way Short Code 4 - Digit SMS Gateway

Packages & Pricing - Bulk SMS

Packages No. of SMS per month Cost Per SMS (30 days validity) Cost Per SMS (365 days validity)
Startup 5,000 Rs.0.35 N/a
Professional 10,000 Rs.0.25 Rs.0.30
Business 25,000 Rs.0.20 Rs.0.22
Business + 50,000 Rs.0.18 Rs.0.20
Super Saver 1,00,000 Rs.0.13 Rs.0.15
Super Saver + 3,00,000 Rs.0.12 Rs.0.14
Silver 5,00,000 Rs.0.11 Rs.0.13
Gold 10,00,000 Rs.0.09 Rs.0.12
Platinum 25,00,000 Rs.0.07 Rs.0.11
Diamond 50,00,000 or more Rs.0.07 Rs.0.09

Packages & Pricing - Short Code

Short code is a 5 digit number unique number that is designed for easy to remember and to use for premium services and can work with every operator on a single number you can get different keywords which can be your company name or your product name like you see in TV ads {TAX -> 57575, DISHTV ->57575} and a premium rate of SMS will be applicable like Rs.3, Rs.5 that is setup by cellular operators. Short Codes are available in respective Country amongst majority of the Cellular Operators.

Packages Price / month Features
Home Plan Rs.3,000 This is a basic short code plan, in this plan you will get one keyword of your company or product choice
and can start marketing of your keyword at your effort
Business Plan Rs.15,000 Its ultimate business plan for your short code, in this plan you will get revenue sharing, listing of your
keyword in more then 500 directories every month, we will target your short code keyword in all regional
business directories and will bring traffic on your keyword to help you getting revenue

Packages & Pricing - Dedicated Short Code

Just like Short Code the same functionality is in Dedicated Short Code only the difference that it will be six, seven or eight digit means on the working Short Code you will get suffix of any one, two or three number (subject to availability) i.e. 56006xy, 56006xyz, 56006x, 56006xx, 56006xxx. This is useful for whom want to start own SMS Gateway business because you will get any number of keyword creation facility (number of keywords depends on operator) and can sale at your own price, can manage through your own database admin panel. You can integrate your dedicated short code in any of your application as well as bulk SMS, Short Code; we will provide all the integration tool kit / web API / Code in ASP, PHP, ASP.NET, JSP to integrate in your application.

Short Code Minimum MOU Price (Setup Cost Rs.00.00 - Rs.25,000 one time)
5abcdX 3 - Months Rs.30,000 - 35,000 per month
5abcdXY 3 - Months Rs.20,000 - Rs.30,000 per month
5abcdXXX 3 - Months Rs.30,000 - Rs.40,000 per month
5abcdXYZ 3 - Months Rs.15,000 - Rs.25,000 per month
5abcdXYY 3 - Months Rs.20,000 - Rs.30,000 per month
5abcdXYZZ 3 - Months Rs.20,000 - Rs.30,000 per month
where "abcd" is a base short code that may be any service provider and "XYZ" is your digit code that will be subject to availability.

Two Way SMS Services – Short Code (10 Digit Long Code)

Just like Short Code the same functionality is in Long Code SMS Gateway only the difference that it will be 10 digit long like a mobile number and you can get SMS from all over world while in Short Code you will only get the messages from India. You can access your long code from web based panel.

Benefits of Long Code SMS Gateway

Unlike Short Code sender not charged premium text messaging charges to send message like Rs.3.00 / Rs.4.00, its only charge standard SMS charges to sender.
In Short Code only from Indian Mobile messages can be sent but in Long Code from all over world any one can send SMS on the same Long Code SMS Numbers.
Just like Short Code you can also setup unlimited auto response for your senders but auto response will not be free of cost like short code, here in long code out going SMS charges will be deducted from your Bulk SMS account as per Bulk SMS plan you have taken from us.

Plan Price Features
Shared 2 Way SMS Setup Charge - Nill / Rs.1,000 (one time) Rs.2,000 per month (for single keyword)
Rs.1500 per keyword for extra keyword
This is a basic long code plan, in this plan you will get SMS landing facility in our data center or on your own website.
Dedicated 2 Way SMS Setup Charge - Rs.10,000 - Rs.15,000 Rs.5,000 - Rs.4,000 per month (Unlimited Keywords) In this plan all things are same as in Home Plan only different is that you have to buy 50,000 SMS per month for you using in Auto responder or to sending customized SMS (prices will be decided by mobile operator who will provide sms credits - usually bit costly then normal bulk sms plan).